Many people think of smoking as a way to enjoy and release their stress. Nowadays, the prevalence of nectar collector devices is increasing, especially among people who smoke. If you like dabbing, you will love these devices. As far as dabbing is concerned, this device is a new craze. It has an immediate tube, which explains why it looks like a straw you use for drinking. This trend is fun and satisfying to do for those people who love and enjoy dabbing.

Typically, the usual materials of a dabbing spoon are silicone and glass. For those who want to know: common substances include ceramic, quartz, and. Besides, it has a detachable mouthpiece that is made for inhaling smoke. For this reason, it is simple to consume the nectar binder. Now, let’s talk about some common varieties of these components. Below are the different types of nectar collectors that you can choose from. If you are interested, please keep on reading.



Considering glass does not affect the flavor of the vapor, these elements are more common. You will be able to enjoy a pure taste, free of chemical flavors. The neck can most likely be removed for easy cleaning. Likewise, the assembly can also be a breeze.


This one is undoubtedly the most common type. The best thing about these nectar binders is that they can be stored in a regular freezer. Moreover, these components are not delicate, which shows that they are durable and can stand the test of time. For this reason, you can take them anywhere without worrying.

Silicone and Glass

siliconeAs the name suggests, some parts of these devices are made of glass and others of silicone. With a glass water filter, the room functions as an excellent filtration system. The water can also be used to mitigate and cool the vapor and prevent throat irritation and soreness while smoking. It also features edges to prevent the binder from slipping when you put it on the counter. Cleaning can also be easy since all the elements are removable.


This type of nectar collector includes a wooden sleeve and a ceramic suggestion. All you have to do is heat up the trick and put in the oil choice, and enjoy. Made from high-quality substances, this tool uses a cherry wood body and a CP2 titanium tip. Besides, it has neodymium magnets.

In conclusion, this is a description of the different types of nectar collectors. Hopefully, this will allow you to make the best choice when buying one.