A picnic for couples doesn’t have to be on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Utilize the time you have, you can plan for a casual picnic it will be simple but fun. Get picnic-friendly foods and drinks and invite other couples.

If you are planning the picnic by yourselves you can research on the internet to get the perfect setting. Choose the best location for your picnic to know which activities you will do such as a photoshoot, camping, hiking, or biking. The following are some fun picnic ideas for couples:

Mountain Picnic

picnic ideasA mountain picnic idea might be perfect for couples who love adventure and sports. You will obviously have to hike to the mountain top. After the physical exercise rewards yourselves with a delicious meal. Prepare in advance, check the weather before you start the hike, and wear the right outfit. Setting your picnic on the mountain where there is a waterfall will give the best view.

However, if there is no waterfall, you will still have the best view of watching the sunset. Avoid alcoholic drinks during the picnic you will need to climb down the mountain when you are sober and still fresh. Let it be a healthy picnic, taking lots of fruits and drinking water. Watermelon and cucumber salad will be good to keep you hydrated.

Park Picnic

A scenic park picnic sounds so romantic for couples. Find the perfect spot to set your picnic, which might be under a tree. You might want to carry some pillows to make it cozy and comfortable. For music lovers, bringing a Bluetooth speaker is a great idea.

The picnic essentials are a blanket, basket, food, drinks, and foldable chairs/table. For a table, you do not need anything complicated. You can stack two pallets and use them as a table, just make sure the height is perfect. Carry food and drinks such as sandwiches, cheese, salads, hotdogs, bbq meat, sweets, ice cream, juice, and wine.

Vineyard Picnic

This is a picnic idea that will get you out of the comfort zone. You can plan a visit to a wine yard with other couples. The picnic might be like a road trip or a weekend getaway. Vineyards are not found everywhere, it will allow you to travel as you bond.

The vines provide a natural and beautiful setting. It is often referred to as a picnic with love. It will be more fun if you take part in the wine tasting. You will get to taste different types of wine, it’s a totally new experience. Plan to take home one or two bottles of wine as a reminder of your picnic.

picnic setup

Backyard Picnic

A backyard picnic is usually inexpensive and simple. Having a picnic in your backyard will break the boredom and normal routine. You can plan it as a surprise for your partner or do it together. Inviting another couple will be more fun.

For a night picnic, lighting is everything. Fairy lights or candles will give an aesthetic look. You can include some decorative pieces from the house. You can decide to make some food and snacks at home or order out if you are feeling lazy.